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Magic Mushrooms: The Safest Recreational Drug

Magic Mushrooms: The Safest Recreational Drug

Many of the arguments against the decriminalization and legalization of magic mushrooms focus around the notion that they are unsafe, particularly when compared to marijuana which is far further down the line of legalization than any psychedelics are.  However, is...

Magic Mushrooms as Medicine?

Magic Mushrooms as Medicine?

Further promise for magic mushrooms to be used medicinally comes in light of several studies showing great results for how they might be able to treat several illnesses and conditions such as Alzheimer’s, depression and addiction. The fact alone that this research is...

Where Do Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Where Do Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Magic mushrooms, commonly known as shrooms, can be found in a number of different habitats and climates. You will probably be able to find some type of magic mushroom in your region, you simply need to know what to look out for. Let’s take a look. Magic mushrooms are...