We’ve covered the technical end, what magic mushrooms are, the chemical effect on the brain, and consumption methods, but we know that’s not really what you want to know.

“What’s it like to trip mushrooms?” Glad you asked!

The effects of magic mushrooms kick in 30 minutes to an hour after consuming it. The trip will kick off with mild visuals and heightened sounds. This stage is usually the best in social settings with a group of close friends. During the come-up, everything will seem funny, and we mean ‘EVERYTHING’. 

The laughter of the come-up will be followed by the peak, and keep in mind that peaks can occur up to three times in one trip depending on your dosage. The peak is when the psychoactive effects of psilocin go into overdrive, causing you to question just about everything – from the creation of our universe, to the fundamental flaws of society, and everything in between. 

If you took a small-medium dose, then you should be coming down by now. Doses of 1.5-2.5 grams typically last between 3 to 4 hours. Unlike other recreational drugs, there is no crash associated with magic mushrooms. 

For those of you who downed 7 or more grams, the ride has barely even started. Strap in!

When crossing the dose threshold of 7gs, users enter what’s known as “Discovery Mode”. Trips in discovery mode can mirror the 8-10 hour effects of LSD, the difference being that mushrooms have multiple peaks. 

When entering discovery mode, the chances of experiencing ego death increase exponentially. 

This phenomenon involves the user detaching entirely from physical boundaries, achieving a state of nirvana. Ego death is heralded by feelings of “impending doom”. The few moments before entering ego death are the most terrifying psychedelic experiences possible, as you quite literally feel  your ego trying not to die. 

Ego death usually occurs at the second or third peak of a high-dose trip, and one death is all it takes to have a profound impact on your life. Several magic mushroom users aim to experience ego death at least once. 

So there you have it! We hope this quick breakdown gives you everything you need to know before going on your first trip.

Ensure a safe and comfortable set & setting, assign a trip sitter, keep hazardous objects out of reach, and achieve a higher state of being.

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