There are no proven physiological risks of taking mushrooms and smoking weed at the same time. However, the main drawbacks will depend on your tolerance, the nature of your usage, and even your ethical stance.

Mixing the two substances delves into the realm of abuse, as the effects of both drugs are greatly amplified. The risks of being in such a distorted state of mind have less to do with the substances themselves and more to do with environmental hazards associated with not being able to function normally. 

Based on anecdotal and case-to-case evidence, smoking cannabis while under the effects of magic mushrooms triggers what is referred to as “The Machine”. A unique phenomenon wherein users feel the need to continuously “load up the trip”, resulting in exponential intensity. 

It is for this reason that we consider mixing the two substances as bordering on abuse. There are no direct physiological risks, but there are also no proven health benefits to consuming cannabis and mushrooms at the same time. Hence, the reason for mixing would be purely recreational and experimental, which may lead to an unhealthy desire to mix even more substances. 

Should you decide to spice up your trip with a blunt or two after contemplating the risks, you’ll be in for a trip unlike any other. 

As mentioned earlier, the first drag of cannabis is usually enough to trigger “The Machine”, which will cause you to smoke more and more and more – resembling an automated machine. 

The science behind “The Machine” involves the psychoactive effects of both drugs on your brain creating an endless thought-loop. You’ll have the same debate in your head of “should I smoke?” and each time you decide to smoke, you’ll think you’re doing it for the first time when in reality, it’s already been your 17th bong rip. 

Of course, ensuring that you have a trip sitter in place will stop your machine from going overboard. Smoking just the right amount without succumbing to the machine will result in a calm and euphoric trip, along with an even wider array of questions, thoughts, and brand new ideas.

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