So you’ve read up on the benefits and effects of magic mushrooms, and you’re eager to try out your first batch. But wait, here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most out of your psychedelic therapy session.

Set & Setting

Anyone familiar with magic mushrooms or psychedelics in general will tell you the same thing, “make sure you have the right set and setting”. 

The nature of magic mushrooms may cause new users to be caught off guard by the surge of new thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Having the right set and setting helps to keep you grounded, comfortable, and feeling safe so that negative thoughts do not lead to spiraling, or what’s known as “The Rabbit Hole”. 

Good music, beautiful scenery, a familiar location, and a few trusted friends/family can go a long way in improving your S&S.

Eliminate Time Constraints

One of the most overwhelming and disorienting effects of magic mushrooms is the time dilation reported by most users. This causes minutes to feel like hours, or vice versa. Because of this, we highly recommend having a free schedule before taking mushrooms. 

If you have commitments to attend to in a few hours, hold off on consuming any psychedelics, as even though the effects may wear off in time, the mental toll can cause panic.

Ideally take magic mushrooms when you have the entire day to yourself so that you can take in all the new experiences without thinking about deadlines you need to reach or meetings you need to attend later in the day.

Trip Sitters

Even if you decide to take with friends, it is important to assign a designated sober individual, often referred to as a “trip sitter”. 

The trip sitter’s responsibility is to maintain the set and setting, sweet talk anyone who starts to panic, and attend to the needs of those who may be undergoing intense ego-death and are unable to complete basic tasks by themselves. 

Analysing case-to-case trip reports show us that bad trips are a staggering 83% less likely to occur if a trip sitter is present.

Psychological Prerequisites

Lastly, if you feel in a negative state of mind, it is not recommended to take magic mushrooms unless under the supervision of a licensed therapist. While mushrooms may work wonders on your mental health post-trip, the release of uncomfortable emotions may be too much for some users to handle without someone to guide them through it.

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