A 67-year-old woman living in Victoria, Canada, by the name of Mona Strelaeff reported being granted an exemption to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, allowing her to consume magic mushrooms to treat her mental illness. 

In an interview with ‘Vice’, Mona said that she has struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction for years. During her psilocybin therapy, she went deep, way back to when she was a little girl and all those things that happened to her. 

All of Mona’s unresolved trauma came back, and she was beyond terrified. She was shaking uncontrollably and crying. Mona said she suffers from an extreme sense of despair and depression while in remission from breast cancer diagnosed 12 years ago.

Her traumas were also related to her cancer treatment, as well as to repressed thoughts from childhood. However, she claims to have overcome these tough memories with the aid of psilocybin therapy, and over time realized that she is no longer haunted by past traumas.

This is just one of the many breakthroughs that have been achieved by means of magic mushrooms, psychedelic therapy, and micro dosing.

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